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  1. Thank You! I loved ” meeting” Kristina. I was so happy to go to her blog and learn more great ideas on how to organize my classroom. I am defiantly the teacher who is not color coded and organized, but I am trying! One question I have is when Kristina said she starts the first week with teaching the children how to do one center, and then two centers and so forth. I love that Idea. But, does that mean you have 4 or 5 groups of the same center at one time because there is no rotating. Thank you if you can kind of clarify this question for me. Congratulations,Kristina, on your new baby and enjoy your time as a stay at home mom! That is a very important job as well! Lucy

  2. That is correct, Lucy! You would want to teach those centers and be sure that the students know how to work independently before you add in a lot more center work. I hope that clears it up!

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